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Saturday, November 6

10:30am PDT

421: Maintaining Rigor & Reducing Barriers with Fraction Problems Hilton, Plaza ARicky Mikelman 422: Amplifying Student Voices Through Social Justice Tasks Hilton, Plaza BStephanie Holloway 461: Pandemic Math: Going Viral is Not Just for TikTok PSCC, Mesquite GFrancis Ogata 462: Stronger Summatives: Creating More Accurate and Equitable Math Assessments PSCC, Smoke Tree BMaggie Cenan • Chris Luzniak 463: Algebra Project's Radically Learner-Centered Design PSCC, Smoke Tree DEvan Rushton • Alan Knoerr 465: Belonging in the Math Classroom PSCC, Smoke Tree CHoward Hua 466: Assessing for what students KNOW instead of what they DON’T! Renaissance, AndreasSarah Strong • Taya Chase 467: R-E-S-P-E-C-T My Inner Mathematician Renaissance, CactusDr. Curtis Taylor • Yekaterina Milvidskaia 468: Meaning-Making in Algebra: Equations For Context-Rich Probs Renaissance, Chino ABrent Ferguson 470: DragginMath: Structural Semantics on your iPad Renaissance, Pueblo ASteven Abell 441: Seeing is Believing-Why Do We Invert and Multiply? PSCC, Mesquite ASunny Chin-Look • Deborah Garcia-Negrete 443: Valuing ALL Voices in Your Math Community Renaissance, San JacintoVicki Vierra 451: Go Dodgers: Exploring Data Through Simulations PSCC, Mesquite EEden Murphy 452: Calculus Group Activities to Get Students Engaged & Talking PSCC, Mesquite FKaren Hyers 453: Give Your Factoring Lessons the Makeover your Students Need PSCC, Smoke Tree ANolan Fossum 454: Unmuting Data Literacy in the Math Curriculum PSCC, Smoke Tree FGail Burrill • Curtis Brown 455: MRWC: Strengthening Visual Thinking in High School Math Renaissance, Santa RosaGreisy Winicki Landman 456: Visualizing Quadratics Through Data Collection Renaissance, SierraKatie Martinez 457: Exploring Sequences and Series with the TI-Nspire CX PSCC, Smoke Tree EVeronica Carlson • Kim Thomas 471: The art of the question: Train students how to question Renaissance, Pueblo BJoshua Bean 401: Mathematical Wellness: Nourishing Ourselves With Imperfection Storytelling and Curiosity PSCC, Primrose ASunil Singh 402: Building Thinking Classrooms PSCC, Primrose BPeter Liljedahl 404: Big Ideas & Equitable Outcomes: The New California Framework PSCC, Oasis 3Jo Boaler 481: Oppression to success: One students' journey through school PSCC, Primrose CSean Nank • Keiran Nank 482: Purposeful Questioning = Access Ownership and Understanding PSCC, Primrose DMardi Gale 483: The Butterfly Effects of the Butterfly Method PSCC, Mesquite BClaire Verti • Angela Milversted 484: Creating Social Distancing for you and your Podium/Whiteboard PSCC, Mesquite CAshley Simpson 485: Math in Cultures: Voices of Students' Families in Classes PSCC, Mesquite HSandhya Raman 486: Design a reasoning routine to develop mathematical thinking Renaissance, CatalinaAmy Lucenta • Grace Kelemanik 411: Math Anywhere! Meeting Families in the Places they Go Hilton, Plaza DMolly Daley 431: Centering Students with Disabilities Hilton, Horizon IIJoanna Hayman 432: Equitable Practices Leading to Effective Problem Solvers Hilton, Oasis 2Danielle Curran 433: Every voice Every Day? Who's Doing MOST of the Talking? Hilton, Oasis 3Shannon Kiebler 434: Giving Students Voice & Choice: Let Your Kids Talk Math! Hilton, Palm CanyonDr. Barb Blanke • Kimberly Kelly 435: Visual Number Talks: A New Way to See This Routine PSCC, Mesquite DKim Webb • Joseph Lamb 492: Pedagogy Either Inspires Success or Conspires Against It Renaissance, VenturaMegan Robinson

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