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Saturday, November 6

8:30am PDT

303: Learning Together To Support Mathematical Argumentation in Grades 3-5 Hilton, Horizon IElham Kazemi 322: The Power of CGI and Multiplication Fluency. Hilton, Plaza BJason Holloway 362: Making Sense of Decimals with the Cantor Set PSCC, Smoke Tree BAdam D. Richardson 364: Journey to Mathland with Desmos PSCC, Smoke Tree EKurt Salisbury 365: Opening doors: Not all mathematics is in the textbook PSCC, Smoke Tree FGail Burrill 366: Supporting Equitable Teaching in a Post-COVID World Renaissance, CatalinaIvan Cheng • Alma Pacheco 367: Fortifying the First Five: Do Nows Done Better! Renaissance, AndreasRichard Sgroi 368:  Ingredients of An Enjoyable and Engaging Math Classroom Renaissance, CactusSuyeon Hwang 369: STEM-ulate Your Students with TI! Renaissance, Chino AMichelle Bonds 370: Algebra for Everyone: Conceptual Strength Through Discovery Renaissance, Chino BJosh Britton 677: The Visuals that Lead to the Vision! Renaissance, Pueblo BAlecia McGill 341: The Giant One: Making sense of fractions and beyond! PSCC, Mesquite ADarrell Trussell 342: Use Algebra Tiles to Create a "Math Vision" for MS Students PSCC, Mesquite DGlenda Wilkins 343:  Kids' Thinking Driving Teaching and My Own Learning of Math Renaissance, San JacintoTheodore Sagun • Joy Zimmerman 344: Learning is Proportional to Doing: Clothesline Math PSCC, Primrose DCrystal Cammon • Jennifer Moffett 345: Games and Activities for Numerical Fluency Hilton, Oasis 3Shelly Baumann 301: District School and Classroom Structures that Amplify Diverse Voices PSCC, Primrose ABrian R Lawler 351: Statistics for Good: Let Your Students Speak for the Data PSCC, Mesquite EDaren Starnes 352: Digital Portfolios to Increase Student Reflection PSCC, Mesquite FEdward Lee • Gwendolyn Rhoades 354: Encourage Deeper Math Conversations through Visualization PSCC, Smoke Tree CCurtis Brown 356: Exploring Functions through Hands-On Data Collection. Renaissance, SierraTom Beatini • Dina Scacchetti 357: Experience First Formalize Later: Reimagine Calculus Class Renaissance, Pueblo ASarah Stecher 391: TODOS Position Papers; Using the Position papers to introd Renaissance, Mojave Lrng CtrGloria BrownBrooks 302: The Problem with “Basic Facts”: A Meditation on 6x7 PSCC, Primrose BBerkeley Everett 346: 6 Signs of Unforgettable Lessons PSCC, Oasis 3ROBERT KAPLINSKY 381: What now? The new post-pandemic normal. PSCC, Mesquite BRichard 383: Writing Robust Mathematics Tasks for Classroom Use PSCC, Mesquite GMichelle Welford 384: Halt the 8 Thinking Thieves PSCC, Mesquite HTraci Jackson 311: 5 Task Structures Promoting Multiple Solutions (K-2nd) Hilton, Plaza DAndrea Holmes • Michael Fitchett 312: Math and Literacy in your Joyful Primary Classroom Hilton, TapestryKim Kirley 331: The Power of Pictures: Utilizing Images to Hilton, Horizon IIKristen Acosta 332: Teaching to Test-Can't Be All that Bad Can It? Hilton, Oasis 2Gabriel Ward 392: The Joy of Posing and Solving Problems with GeoGebra Renaissance, VenturaArmando Martinez Cruz • Jose Contreras 393: Visualizing the algebra of equations with mapping diagrams Hilton, Plaza CMartin Flashman

10:30am PDT

421: Maintaining Rigor & Reducing Barriers with Fraction Problems Hilton, Plaza ARicky Mikelman 422: Amplifying Student Voices Through Social Justice Tasks Hilton, Plaza BStephanie Holloway 461: Pandemic Math: Going Viral is Not Just for TikTok PSCC, Mesquite GFrancis Ogata 462: Stronger Summatives: Creating More Accurate and Equitable Math Assessments PSCC, Smoke Tree BMaggie Cenan • Chris Luzniak 463: Algebra Project's Radically Learner-Centered Design PSCC, Smoke Tree DEvan Rushton • Alan Knoerr 465: Belonging in the Math Classroom PSCC, Smoke Tree CHoward Hua 466: Assessing for what students KNOW instead of what they DON’T! Renaissance, AndreasSarah Strong • Taya Chase 467: R-E-S-P-E-C-T My Inner Mathematician Renaissance, CactusDr. Curtis Taylor • Yekaterina Milvidskaia 468: Meaning-Making in Algebra: Equations For Context-Rich Probs Renaissance, Chino ABrent Ferguson 470: DragginMath: Structural Semantics on your iPad Renaissance, Pueblo ASteven Abell 441: Seeing is Believing-Why Do We Invert and Multiply? PSCC, Mesquite ASunny Chin-Look • Deborah Garcia-Negrete 443: Valuing ALL Voices in Your Math Community Renaissance, San JacintoVicki Vierra 451: Go Dodgers: Exploring Data Through Simulations PSCC, Mesquite EEden Murphy 452: Calculus Group Activities to Get Students Engaged & Talking PSCC, Mesquite FKaren Hyers 453: Give Your Factoring Lessons the Makeover your Students Need PSCC, Smoke Tree ANolan Fossum 454: Unmuting Data Literacy in the Math Curriculum PSCC, Smoke Tree FGail Burrill • Curtis Brown 455: MRWC: Strengthening Visual Thinking in High School Math Renaissance, Santa RosaGreisy Winicki Landman 456: Visualizing Quadratics Through Data Collection Renaissance, SierraKatie Martinez 457: Exploring Sequences and Series with the TI-Nspire CX PSCC, Smoke Tree EVeronica Carlson • Kim Thomas 471: The art of the question: Train students how to question Renaissance, Pueblo BJoshua Bean 401: Mathematical Wellness: Nourishing Ourselves With Imperfection Storytelling and Curiosity PSCC, Primrose ASunil Singh 402: Building Thinking Classrooms PSCC, Primrose BPeter Liljedahl 404: Big Ideas & Equitable Outcomes: The New California Framework PSCC, Oasis 3Jo Boaler 481: Oppression to success: One students' journey through school PSCC, Primrose CSean Nank • Keiran Nank 482: Purposeful Questioning = Access Ownership and Understanding PSCC, Primrose DMardi Gale 483: The Butterfly Effects of the Butterfly Method PSCC, Mesquite BClaire Verti • Angela Milversted 484: Creating Social Distancing for you and your Podium/Whiteboard PSCC, Mesquite CAshley Simpson 485: Math in Cultures: Voices of Students' Families in Classes PSCC, Mesquite HSandhya Raman 486: Design a reasoning routine to develop mathematical thinking Renaissance, CatalinaAmy Lucenta • Grace Kelemanik 411: Math Anywhere! Meeting Families in the Places they Go Hilton, Plaza DMolly Daley 431: Centering Students with Disabilities Hilton, Horizon IIJoanna Hayman 432: Equitable Practices Leading to Effective Problem Solvers Hilton, Oasis 2Danielle Curran 433: Every voice Every Day? Who's Doing MOST of the Talking? Hilton, Oasis 3Shannon Kiebler 434: Giving Students Voice & Choice: Let Your Kids Talk Math! Hilton, Palm CanyonDr. Barb Blanke • Kimberly Kelly 435: Visual Number Talks: A New Way to See This Routine PSCC, Mesquite DKim Webb • Joseph Lamb 492: Pedagogy Either Inspires Success or Conspires Against It Renaissance, VenturaMegan Robinson

1:15pm PDT

521: Counting Collections across the Elementary Grades Hilton, Plaza AAlison Williams • Nicky Bannister 522: What Are You Thinking? Orchestrating Productive Discussions Hilton, Plaza BLorelei Coddington 561: The art of arranging letters along a line circle or curve PSCC, Primrose DRon Lancaster 562: Let's Energize about the way we Synthesize! PSCC, Smoke Tree BCourtney Ortega • Keely Machmer-Wessels 563: Tech Tools for Math Lesson Design PSCC, Smoke Tree CKristan Morales 564: Stick and String: A model of Trigonometric Functions PSCC, Smoke Tree DEvan Rushton 565: Re-Engagement: A Strategy to Move Forward Not Backwards PSCC, Smoke Tree EJessica Balli • Solana Ray 566: Rethinking Homework: Practice Pushing & Pondering Problems PSCC, Smoke Tree FAvery Pickford 568: Dear Math Renaissance, AndreasSarah Strong • Gianna Butterfield 570: Accessing Probability using Manipulatives and Technology Renaissance, Chino ADan Shuster 572: Building Pascal's Triangle and Fibonacci Numbers with Trains Renaissance, Pueblo ABrian Hopkins 573: Enhance student agency by healing negative math identities Renaissance, Pueblo BJoshua Bean 541: Soar with Paper Airplanes: Activate Voices in Data Science PSCC, Mesquite AHelen Chan • Julian Rojas 543: Why Do I Need to Know This? Renaissance, San JacintoCynthia Raff • Mark Goldstein 544: Extreme Math Makeover: Problem-based Learning Edition PSCC, Mesquite GFrancis Ogata 545: Build Student Agency through Mathematical Modeling Renaissance, CatalinaAmy Lucenta • Grace Kelemanik 551: Building Student Agency Through HS Math Pathways PSCC, Mesquite FJosh Recio • Erica Heinzman 552: Geometric Modeling Food Sustainability and Social Justice PSCC, Smoke Tree A 553: MRWC: A View of Mathematical Structure for High School Renaissance, Santa RosaLaura Wallace • Josh Chesler 554: Discretely Expanding Student Access to Rich Curriculum Renaissance, SierraAnne Marie Almaraz • Melody Morris 591: A Trajectory to Empower Secondary Mathematics Instruction Renaissance, Mojave Lrng CtrDiana Ceja • Melanie Janzen 501: Teaching mathematics so that students feel seen and heard PSCC, Primrose AJennifer Langer-Osuna 502: Talk Number 2 Me: Mathematics & Mindfulness 2.0    PSCC, Primrose BChristina Lincoln-Moore 503: Skeptic Conversations: Levels of Convincing in Math Class Hilton, Horizon IIAngel Prado 581: Toothpaste and Student Engagement?! Equity and Relationships PSCC, Primrose CSean Nank • Jackie Murawska 582: What do Probes got to do got to do with it? PSCC, Mesquite BKarina Neel • Toni Osterbuhr 584: Inquiry Based Learning with Freckle Education PSCC, Mesquite EMackenzie Brooke 585: Stop Teaching Algorithms. Instead Mentor Mathematicians. PSCC, Mesquite HPamela Harris 512: Play and Learn Math: Number Sense Hilton, TapestrySusan Kunze • Michelle Kubiak 531: The Power of Students' Ideas Hilton, Horizon IAnnie Fetter 532: Slow Is The New Fast Hilton, Oasis 2Kathleen Jalalpour 533: Visual Representations Amplify Mathematical Understanding Hilton, Oasis 3Sara Moore 592: How to Teach Math on YouTube Like a Legend Renaissance, VenturaHuzefa Kapadia

3:15pm PDT

621: The Power of One - Developing Fraction Concepts Hilton, Plaza ARebecca Williams (Scarfone) 623: Using 3 Reads to Make Sense of Word Problems Hilton, Plaza CDaniel Ilaria 624: Formative Assessment & Re-engagement in the Virtual and/or Hybrid Hilton, Palm CanyonCecilio Dimas 262: The Overlooked SEL Hidden Within Productive Struggle Renaissance, AndreasLiesl McConchie 661: Social Justice in a Virtual Setting: A Case for Reparations PSCC, Primrose CKyndall Brown • Naehee Kwun 662: Asset Based Assessments: Dismantling Inequitable Structures PSCC, Primrose DPatrick Callahan 664: The Use of Geogebra Software for Calculus Animations PSCC, Smoke Tree CBobby Ojose 667: Emerging Math-linguals: Diversity Equity Culture Voices PSCC, Smoke Tree FNicholas Navarro • Marisa Katsuda 668: You Know You Want to do Problem-Solving With Your Students PSCC, Oasis 3FAWN NGUYEN 669: Time to Discover: The Exploding Dots Machine Renaissance, VenturaClaire Verti 671: Portfolio Assessment: From Numbers to Showcases of Knowledge Renaissance, CatalinaGeoff Krall 673: Prompting for Participation Renaissance, CactusTimothy Hebert • Nova Katz 676: Meaningful Algebra: Looking for Structure Across K-12  Renaissance, Pueblo AJosh Chesler • Christina Kimmerling 641: Bring the Standards of Mathematical Practices (SMPs) to LIFE PSCC, Mesquite ASara Odioso 644: Unlocking the Beauty of Mathematics through Student Passion PSCC, Mesquite ESean Nank • Jackie Murawska 645: Middle School Collaboration as Professional Learning Renaissance, Mojave Lrng CtrTheodore Sagun • Janet Lee-Ortiz 612: It’s TRU! Superpower Routines for 6-12 Re-Engagement Work! Hilton, TapestryDavid Foster • Tracy Sola 651: Engaging Students in Self-Assessment Reflection and Tasks PSCC, Mesquite FRamona Martinez • Ruth Gadea 653: Equitable Technology Use to Empower All Students Renaissance, Santa RosaJessica Alvarado • Ryan Kile 601: Transform Data Conversations to Write a New Narrative PSCC, Primrose AJohn Staley 602: Finding Our Voices and Helping Others Find Theirs PSCC, Primrose BMary Vongsavanh 681: Three Steps to Build Number Sense in All Students PSCC, Mesquite BIvan Alba 682: Public Math Pop-Up: Build Your Own Math Installation PSCC, Mesquite CMolly Daley • Chris Nho 685: GeoGebra Classroom for Formative Assessment in a Digital Age PSCC, Mesquite HMonique Zhou 611: Beautiful Mathematical Explanations in the Primary Classroom Hilton, Plaza DSolana Ray 603: Delete the Mute Button: Restoring the Power of Student Voices Hilton, Horizon IMario Valdez 632: Using Writing to Refine Mathematical Thinking Hilton, Oasis 2Ana Murphy • Priscilla Johnson 633: Make Connections for All with Virtual Manipulatives Hilton, Oasis 3Patricia Dickenson

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